Wauconda Cruise Night

Third Tuesdays of the Month from 5-9 PM

Cruise Night Courtesy Tips

  • All cars MUST travel down the designated entrance route off of Route 176 via West Mill Street.
  • To help our parking crew, no exceptions will be made or blockades moved to allow access to the event.
  • Please DO NOT move barricades or traffic cones.
  • In order to park all cruisers in the most prompt and efficient manner, you must arrive together to park together. WE WILL NOT SAVE SPOTS.
  • We will not move you to another spot once you are parked.
  • Please do not touch other people’s cars or property.
  • The riding of bicycles, skateboards or hover boards will not be permitted.
  • No remote controlled vehicles or drones.
  • Vehicles that arrive early will be staged in the Municipal lot on the corner of West Mill and Maple Street. It’s first come first served lineup in the Municipal lot for Main Street parking.
  • To help keep spots open for patrons of local businesses prior to the event, show vehicles will not be permitted to arrive early and occupy a spot on Main Street.
  • Upon completion of the event, all vehicles must be legally parked by 9:00 pm. The roads will be opened to thru traffic at that time.
  • Only paid vendors may distribute food.
  • Burnouts, racing, reckless driving or anything that jeopardizes safety will not be permitted. As a result, such acts will result in police intervention.
  • We ask all cruisers to use good judgment and to be courteous. As a whole our community has been very accepting of this event, and we ask for your help to keep it that way.
  • Open alcohol will not be permitted in public.
  • We appreciate your attendance and your help with these items. WE hope that you have a great time!